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Contributing is Simple To contribute your unscoped aircheck, please prepare your MP3 file and include as much detail as possible: the radio station, call letters, the name of the radio personality, and the year of the recording. Your meticulousness in providing these details enhances the value of each contribution, offering context and connection to the listeners who will discover or rediscover these moments through your shared recordings. Follow the directions on our submission page to upload your file. Whether your recordings are from Top 40/Contemporary Hit Radio, Adult Contemporary, Soul/Urban, Country, or Newstalk formats, we welcome your contributions with open arms. Every unscoped aircheck enriches our collection, offering our audience a broader spectrum of radio's legacy.

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Unscoped Aircheck Submissions

Hello, and a warm welcome to the place where radio's golden years live on! Here at Aircheck Radio, we're all about celebrating the magic of radio from the 1960s through the 1990s. Imagine us as a cozy, digital time capsule, or better yet, a vibrant gallery of sound, dedicated to the unforgettable moments when radio wasn't just a medium but the soundtrack of our lives.

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To honor your submission and to help us curate our collection with the care it deserves, we ask you to provide some insights about the aircheck you're sharing.

Please tell us about the radio talent who was behind the mic, the station where it all happened, and the year this slice of audio life was captured. These details do more than just catalog your submission; they breathe life into it, allowing listeners to connect with the essence of the moment it was recorded.

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Welcome to Aircheck Radio's Submission Portal!

Dive into the vibrant legacy of radio’s golden eras from the 1960s to the 1990s. Here at Aircheck Radio, we’re not just about reminiscing; we’re actively preserving the unforgettable tunes, iconic voices, and unique vibes of decades past. Our mission is to keep the rich tapestry of radio alive and accessible for everyone, from nostalgia enthusiasts to those curious about radio’s influential history.


Your recordings are keys to unlocking memories and emotions tied to times when radio was the heartbeat of daily life.

How to Share Your Radio Gems

Got an unscoped aircheck? That’s radio gold! These are the raw, unedited broadcasts complete with music, ads, DJ banter, and all the quirks of live radio. To submit your piece of history, please include any details like the station’s call letters, the DJ’s name, and the year of the broadcast. These nuggets of information enhance the listening experience for all.


Whether your tracks come from rockin’ Top 40, smooth Adult Contemporary, dynamic Soul/Urban, heartfelt Country, or insightful Newstalk, they’re all welcome here. Simply follow our user-friendly upload guide on this page, and you’ll be part of preserving radio’s legacy in no time.

A Quick FAQ

Q: What exactly is an unscoped aircheck?


A: An unscoped aircheck is a complete, unedited recording of a radio broadcast. It includes everything that was aired: music, ads, DJ chatter, and news. It’s a snapshot of radio life, preserving the full experience as it was heard by listeners.


Q: Why are my submissions important?

A: Each submission is a piece of history. By sharing your airchecks, you contribute to a collective memory, ensuring that future generations can experience the diversity and richness of radio’s past. Your contributions help keep the spirit of these bygone eras alive.


Q: What types of recordings are you looking for?

A: We’re keen on recordings from any North American radio station aired between 1960 and 1999. While we have a special place for Top 40/Contemporary Hit Radio, we warmly welcome Adult Contemporary, Soul/Urban, Country, and Newstalk recordings. Diversity enriches our collection!


Q: How do I upload my airchecks?

A: Uploading is straightforward. Prepare your MP3 file, fill in any known details about the recording, and follow the directions on our submission page. If you encounter any issues or have questions, our team is here to assist you.

A Final Note of Thanks

Your willingness to share your airchecks with Aircheck Radio is more than just an act of generosity; it’s a contribution to preserving a form of art, culture, and history. Together, we ensure that the golden years of radio continue to inspire, entertain, and educate. We’re excited to hear your part of radio’s ongoing story.

Thank you for joining our community of memory keepers. Let’s keep the legacy of radio’s golden years alive for all to enjoy!