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Aircheck Radio is an online radio station that celebrates the glory days of North American Top 40 radio, featuring an incredible collection of unscoped airchecks from iconic DJs of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

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Just a few of North America’s legendary radio stations as heard during radio’s greatest days, in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s with live and local radio stations like KHJ/Los Angeles WABC/New York WHTZ (Z100)/New York WLS/Chicago WHYI (Y100)/Miami KIIS/Los Angeles CKLW/Windsor-Detroit KCBQ/San Diego KFRC/San Francisco WFLZ/Tampa Bay KLIF/Dallas WQAM/Miami WKBW/Buffalo KFWB/Los Angeles WMEE Fort Wayne WFIL/Philadelphia CHUM/Toronto New WCOL/Columbus WAYS/Charlotte WIXY/Cleveland WLW/Cincinnati, WCFL/Chicago WTIX/New Orleans WKTQ (13Q)/Pittsburgh WLYV/Fort Wayne WAKY/Lousiville WLS/Chicago KFRC/San Francisco WYHY (Y107)/Nashville KFMB (B100)/San Diego WFIL/Philadelphia WDRQ/Detroit WING/Dayton, OH  KGB/San Diego KRLA/Los Angeles  KTNQ/Los Angeles 

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Just like listening back in the day

Just like listening back in the day We feature amazing disc jockeys and great radio stations from these decades, so that you can experience the history of classic radio all over again. Take a journey with us and be swept away by some of the best entertainers during this magical period in music and culture. From vintage sound clips, to interviews with beloved DJs, Aircheck Radio has it all Flame throwing solid gold airchecks

Welcome to AirCheck Radio, the ultimate destination for radio enthusiasts, nostalgia seekers, and anyone who loves the golden age of broadcasting! Step into our virtual time machine and immerse yourself in the unforgettable sounds, personalities, and magic of radio from the 1960s through the 1990s.

At AirCheck Radio, we’ve created a living radio museum that showcases the legendary DJs, the groundbreaking stations, and the iconic moments that defined an era. Our vast collection of unscoped airchecks transports you back to a time when radio was king, and the voices coming through your speakers were your friends, your guides, and your constant companions.

Imagine reliving the excitement of hearing your favorite DJ spin the hottest tracks, the thrill of catching a rare dedication, or the joy of discovering a new artist for the first time. With AirCheck Radio, you can experience all of this and more, as our meticulously curated collection brings the golden age of radio back to life.

But AirCheck Radio is more than just a nostalgic journey – it’s a celebration of the art of broadcasting and the power of radio to connect, inspire, and entertain. Our airchecks showcase the creativity, wit, and passion of the DJs who shaped the medium, and the music that provided the soundtrack to our lives.

Whether you’re a radio professional, a music lover, or simply someone who appreciates the art of great storytelling, AirCheck Radio has something for you. Our collection spans multiple decades, formats, and regions, offering a comprehensive and captivating look at the history of North American radio.


So why wait? Dive into the AirCheck Radio experience today and rediscover the magic of radio. Explore our extensive collection, contribute your own treasured airchecks, and join our community of passionate radio enthusiasts. Together, we’ll keep the spirit of the golden age alive and ensure that the voices, the music, and the memories live on for generations to come.


Get ready to laugh, to sing along, and to be transported back to a time when radio ruled the airwaves. Welcome to AirCheck Radio – your ticket to the most exciting, engaging, and unforgettable radio experiences ever broadcast!

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Welcome to Aircheck Radio, your ultimate destination for a nostalgic journey through the golden age of radio broadcasting. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of unscoped airchecks featuring legendary radio personalities who defined an era and left an indelible mark on the industry.

Discover the iconic Larry Lujack, the “Superjock” of WLS Chicago, in a rare unscoped aircheck from 1978. Experience the smooth, sultry voice of Alison Steele, “The Nightbird,” as she graces the airwaves of WNEW FM New York in the early 80s. Transport yourself to the West Coast with J.B. Stone on 93 KHJ from  1977, and relive the classic rock era with Cynthia Fox on KSWD The Sound-Los Angeles from November 2, 2017.



Take a trip down memory lane with Tom Chauney’s unscoped aircheck from WTIX on October 16, 1972, and savor the smooth sounds of Jack Forsythe on WMJX Miami 96X. Relive the glory days of CKLW with Pat Holiday’s 1973 unscoped radio show, and experience the excitement of Shadow Hayes (aka The Jammer) on KHYI Arlington-Dallas. Uncover hidden gems like Gary Rawn’s aircheck from KACY Port Hueneme, CA, and enjoy the restored recording of Jackson Armstrong on WKYC Cleveland from August 21, 1967. Dive into the world of 1970s radio with China Smith’s aircheck from WVIC East Lansing in 1975 and Johnny Dark’s unscoped aircheck from WMYQ, right before Christmas in1971.



Explore the legendary CKLW Windsor-Detroit with Max Kinkel’s 1973 aircheck, and enjoy the talents of Bob Barry on WOKY. Experience the excitement of WIXY with Chuck Dunaway’s unscoped aircheck from January 1, 1971, and revel in the charm of Charlie Tuna on KCBQ San Diego.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Chicago radio scene with Doctor Brock on WCFL and a four-part aircheck from December 27, 1975. Discover the hot sounds of the early 2000s with an aircheck from WRHT/WCBZ Hot 96 & 103-7 / The Hot FM in 2005, and round out your journey with an unscoped aircheck from WAAF Worcester, MA, in July 1979.


At Aircheck Radio, we’re dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history of radio broadcasting. Our extensive collection of unscoped airchecks showcases the unforgettable voices, legendary on-air moments, and timeless magic that made radio the heartbeat of a generation. Join our passionate community of radio enthusiasts, contribute your own airchecks, and help ensure that the legacy of these iconic personalities lives on for generations to come.

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Step back in time with Airchecks Radio and immerse yourself in the golden age of AM & FM radio, where live & local personalities left an indelible mark on North American culture. Our meticulously curated collection of unscoped airchecks from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s showcases the iconic voices, legendary moments, and timeless magic that defined an era. 


Discover a treasure trove of authentic, unfiltered radio content, connect with a vibrant community of enthusiasts, and help preserve this crucial piece of our cultural heritage by contributing your own airchecks or supporting our mission. Tune in to Airchecks Radio today and experience the magic of radio’s greatest era like never before!

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